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The National Pharmaceutical Council sponsors and conducts research that helps inform critical health care policy debates and supports the achievement of the best patient outcomes in the most efficient way possible.

The research publications that appear on this website, unless otherwise indicated, were sponsored, funded and/or written by the National Pharmaceutical Council. Many publications are available online as PDFs or in hard copy. To order hard copies, please use our online order form.

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Got CER? Educating Pharmacists for Practice in the Future: New Tools for New Challenges

This study provides an early evaluation of the CER Collaborative's training program's impact on learners’ self-reported abilities to ...more

Designing Successful Bundled Payment Initiatives

The National Pharmaceutical Council led a study that identified three principles intended to maximize the positive aspects and minimize the ...more

Data, Data Everywhere, But Access Remains a Big Issue for Researchers

This study captures the policy inconsistencies and hurdles that can hinder use of publicly funded federal and state datasets for ...more

Current Landscape: Value Assessment Frameworks

This paper builds on Neumann and Cohen's informative comparison of value assessment frameworks by carrying the assessment further and ...more

2016 Comparative Effectiveness Research and the Environment for Health Care Decision-Making

NPC's sixth annual survey of stakeholder views on comparative effectiveness research (CER) and the environment for health care decision- ...more

Using an Electronic Medication Refill System to Improve Provider Productivity in an Accountable Care Setting

This case study highlights the critical components of Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group's electronic medication refill system that allows for ...more
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